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Archambault, Keaton, Carl3/11/198311/24/2021U.S. Marshalls USM HoldN/A...X
Azure, Kelly, Lee5/19/199411/29/2021U.S. Marshalls USM HoldN/A...X
Baca, Jessie, Alfonso1/25/198811/27/2021Stutsman County Poss Drug Para (Meth)- Subsequent Offense, Simple Assault- Domestic, Unlawful Entry into MV, Violation of Disorderly Conduct Restraining Order, Violation of Protection Order$10,000.00...X
Bear, Cedric, NMN3/7/199810/26/2021U.S. Marshalls USM HoldN/A...X
Bertilson, Cristoffer, Alan12/10/197411/23/2021Stutsman County Contact by Bodily Fluids or Excrement, FTA-Harassment-Threat, Simple Assault of a Correctional Officer (2 Counts)$1,250.00...X
Carow, Aaron, Lee5/24/199311/16/2021Stutsman County Violation Of Protection Order$1,000.00...X
Coffey, Pete, C8/25/199311/5/2021U.S. Marshalls USM HOLDN/A...X
Corbell-Hicks, Stacey, Danielle3/31/198311/3/2021Stutsman County 24/7 Violation, Disobedience to Court Order- 24/7 Violation (DP), FTA- Multiple Charges$11,000.00...X
Corn, David, Jeremiah4/4/198711/25/2021Dickey County DUR, Evading Law Enforcement, Poss Altered Property, Poss CTRL Sub (Meth), Poss Drug Para (Meth), Poss w/ Intent to Deliver (Meth), Possession Stolen Vehicle, Reckless Endangerment- Extreme Indifference, Unauthorized Use of MV$10,000.00...X
Dawes, Michael, Glenn2/16/198311/10/2021Stutsman County FTA - Contempt of Court, FTA - DUR, FTA - Possession of Drug para, FTA- Shoplifting/Theft, FTA-Shoplifting/Theft, Theft$1,000.00...X
Delker, Trenten, Lawrence2/27/199811/18/2021U.S. Marshalls Hold for USMN/A...X
Dill, Jesse, Lee10/9/197910/12/2021Stutsman County Criminal Mischief, Disorderly Conduct, Violation of Protection Order$9,500.00...X
Ducharme, Whitehorse, NMN1/18/197111/24/2021U.S. Marshalls USM HoldN/A...X
Farthing, Randy, Allen10/3/196711/19/2021Stutsman County Burglary, Theft, Unlawful Entry into MV$500.00...X
Foy, Reginald, David12/22/198210/21/2021U.S. Marshalls USM HoldN/A...X
Garcia, Richard, James10/27/198111/26/2021Foster County DUIN/A...X
Graham, Kenneth, NMN3/17/19798/21/2021District Court Aggravated Assault, COC-FTA-Simple Assault, Preventing Arrest, Shoplifting/Theft, Simple Assault, TerrorizingN/A...X
Herr, Devon, Donald8/7/199211/14/2021McIntosh County Probation Violation$1,000.00...X
Johnson, Kurt, Noel10/5/198510/7/2021Stutsman County Aggravated Assault-Domestic, False Info to L/E$3,000.00...X
Jung, Isaiah, Michael7/24/19885/19/2021Stutsman County Abuse of a Child, Continuous Sexual Abuse of a Child (AA Felony), GSI (5 Counts)$75,000.00...X
Kamoni, Kelsey, Lou6/15/199711/24/2021Stutsman County 24/7 Violation (DP), DUS, Fleeing Police Officer, FTA- DUS, FTA- MIP, FTA- Multiple Drug Charges$11,250.00...X
Kidder, Duane, Richard10/4/198811/9/2021U.S. Marshalls USM HoldN/A...X
McArdell, James, Michael1/8/198911/17/2021LaMoure County Violation of Protection Order (Subsequent Offense)$300.00...X
McKee, Patrick, Robert12/15/194510/25/2021U.S. Marshalls USM HoldN/A...X
Mittleider, Samuel, Paxton7/30/199711/5/2021Stutsman County Failure to Register as Sex Offender (2 Counts)$1,000.00...X
Owens, Larry, NMN5/16/199510/25/2021U.S. Marshalls USM HoldN/A...X
Perman, Christopher, Houston12/6/199011/29/2021Stutsman County Displaying Fictitous Plates, Failure to Register as a Sex Offender, Possession of Stolen Property$2,500.00...X
Pumpkinseed, Waylon, Jason7/29/198510/14/2021U.S. Marshalls USM HoldN/A...X
Rhoads, Terry, Allen11/6/198410/11/2021Stutsman County Continuous Sexual Abuse of a Child, Disorderly Conduct, DUS, GSI ( 3 Counts )$30,000.00...X
Richardson, Albert, Magnus8/15/197111/19/2021Logan County Burglary, Criminal Trespass, Disorderly Conduct$1,000.00...X
Ruppell, Kristen, Nicole8/30/198611/30/2021City of Jamestown DUS$500.00...X
Satterfield, Tyler, Antheny Bishop8/23/19968/13/2021U.S. Marshalls Hold For USMN/A...X
Schnoor, Amy, Elizabeth5/27/199110/10/2021Dickey County Reckless Endangerment - Extreme Indifference, Robbery, Terrorizing, Theft$5,000.00...X
Schuldheisz, Shawn, Robert11/30/199711/30/2021District Court Prob Rev : Poss Drug Para (Meth)N/A...X
Silk, Malachi, James8/23/19859/28/2021U.S. Marshalls USM HoldN/A...X
Stanford, Shayleen, Mystique5/3/199210/5/2021Municipal Court DUS, Failure to Apply for New TitleN/A...X
Steffes, Keith, William2/3/19856/10/2021LaMoure County DUI (2nd in 7 Years), DUI (3rd in 7 Years), DUS, DUS-Alcohol Related, Fleeing a Peace Officer-Vehicle, Preventing ArrestN/A...X
Suko, Chloe, Brianna1/20/200011/26/2021Stutsman County Violate Conditions of Drug CourtN/A...X
Urbatsch, Casey, Lee11/25/198411/5/2021U.S. Marshalls USM HOLDN/A...X
Wee, David, Jerome9/18/197911/20/2021Stutsman County Minnehaha Co. SD HoldN/A...X
Williams, Ronald, Eugene11/26/199110/14/2021U.S. Marshalls USM HoldN/A...X
(Total Inmates: 41)