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Abernathy, Shawn, Michael9/26/19856/8/2022U.S. Marshalls USM HoldN/A...X
Anderson, Curtis, James4/4/19881/24/2023Stutsman County Poss of Meth Para (Subsequent Offiense), Poss w/ Intenet to Deliver Meth$2,000.00...X
Anderson, Jamal, Joel7/29/19803/19/2023Stutsman County Poss of Meth Para (2nd Offense), Terrorizing$5,000.00...X
Backer, Keith, Wayne3/31/19587/27/2022U.S. Marshalls Hold for USMN/A...X
Bailey, Andre, Edward5/2/19643/24/2023U.S. Marshalls USM HoldN/A...X
Bohanan Jr, Dana, Ray12/6/19863/21/2023Stutsman County McCurtain CO, OK Hold$4,435.05...X
Braun, Matthew, Allen5/20/19888/14/2022Eddy County Attempted Burglary, Burglary, Criminal Mischief, Theft of Property$50,000.00...X
Brendlin, Scott, William6/9/19693/3/2023U.S. Marshalls Hold For USMN/A...X
Buchanan, Brandon, Lee6/14/19913/11/2023Stutsman County Probation Violation$15,000.00...X
Burt, Brandyn, Michael7/26/19953/8/2023Stutsman County DUS, Fleeing a Peace Officer-Vehicle, Reckless Driving-Rights/Safety, Reckless Endangerment$750.00...X
Curry, Davante, NMN1/9/19943/24/2023U.S. Marshalls USM HoldN/A...X
Dabney, Keshawn, Parrish8/16/20008/16/2022U.S. Marshalls Hold for USMN/A...X
Dallmann, Alek, Lee6/9/19953/21/2023Stutsman County Poss w/Intent to Deliver-Fentanyl, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, Possession of Ecstasy$2,000.00...X
Daniel, Demietrius, NMN12/10/19943/3/2023Stutsman County 24/7 Violation (DP) (3 Counts)$5,000.00...X
Dillard, Michael, Lamontri4/29/200111/2/2022U.S. Marshalls USM HoldN/A...X
Eggert, Erik, John1/5/19823/23/2023Barnes County Disobedience of Judicial Order, Domestic Violence, Interference with 911 call, Rule 32 Hold$200.00...X
Enzi, Delmar, Paul11/27/19806/7/2022U.S. Marshalls USM HoldN/A...X
Featherman, Ash, Lee James4/2/199812/7/2022U.S. Marshalls Hold for USMN/A...X
Gomez, Arnulfo, Gonzales9/16/19813/3/2023U.S. Marshalls Hold For USMN/A...X
Graham, Shaun, Michael1/6/19847/12/2022U.S. Marshalls Hold for USMN/A...X
Habib, Abdimanan, Bana1/1/19993/15/2023U.S. Marshalls USM HoldN/A...X
Hagman, Dustin, Troy1/25/197312/12/2022U.S. Marshalls USM Hold, Violation of a Protection OrderN/A...X
Hamilton, Anthony, Gearod4/5/19843/2/2023U.S. Marshalls Hold for USMN/A...X
Harr, Jeffrey, Dennis1/23/19753/5/2023Kidder County Terrorizing$500.00...X
Hayes, Anthony, Nathaniel2/28/19822/21/2023U.S. Marshalls USM HoldN/A...X
Hollis, Alexander, James5/11/19897/27/2022U.S. Marshalls Hold for USMN/A...X
Houle, Robert, Dale11/9/19878/9/2022U.S. Marshalls Hold for USMN/A...X
Hubbard, Brandon, Corde8/7/19743/24/2023U.S. Marshalls USM HoldN/A...X
Hunter, Emmanuel, Floyd2/9/19963/24/2023U.S. Marshalls USM HoldN/A...X
Iwen, Scott, Richard2/22/19793/7/2023Stutsman County FTA- Theft of Property, Poss Drug Para- Meth 2nd offense$500.00...X
James, Jumareo, Quartez2/22/198012/7/2022U.S. Marshalls USM HoldN/A...X
Jensen, Ryan, Jon2/24/19953/24/2023U.S. Marshalls USM HoldN/A...X
Johns, Joe, Michael11/19/19862/9/2023U.S. Marshalls USM HoldN/A...X
Joseph, Datavian, Sean6/20/198610/13/2022U.S. Marshalls USM HoldN/A...X
Kenmille, Cameron, Ian2/25/19921/12/2023U.S. Marshalls Hold For USMN/A...X
Kennedy, Kamauri, Siede3/13/19893/24/2023Ward County Ward Co HoldN/A...X
Kranig, Joshua, Paul1/12/19833/3/2023U.S. Marshalls Hold For USMN/A...X
Lafferty, Jason, Floyd11/8/19762/21/2023U.S. Marshalls Criminal Conspiracy- Theft of Property, USM HoldN/A...X
Lamont, Cory, Douglas1/22/19892/24/2023District Court Attempted Unauthorized Use of Personal ID Info, Probation Revocation- (47-20-CR-313), Theft of Lost or Mislaid Property, Theft-Take-Credit Device, Unauthorized Use of Personal Identifying Info, Unauthorized Use of Personal Identifying Info- 2nd or Subsequent Offense, Unlawful Entry into a VehicleN/A...X
Lee, Sampson, Elton10/21/19823/24/2023U.S. Marshalls USM HoldN/A...X
Lenoir, Mark, Todd3/4/197810/13/2022U.S. Marshalls USM HoldN/A...X
London, Tyrek, Kevon3/4/19983/17/2023U.S. Marshalls USM HoldN/A...X
Lovejoy, James, Alfanzo10/24/19707/25/2022U.S. Marshalls Hold for USMN/A...X
Loy, Garrett, Alan4/6/19851/11/2023Stutsman County Corruption or Solicitation of Minors, Felonious Restraint, GSI, Indecent Exposure, Luring Minors by Electronic Means$500,000.00...X
Lund, Joseph, Raymond11/22/19812/3/2023Stutsman County 24 x 7 Violation (DP), 24/7 Violation-Drug Patch$10,000.00...X
Lussier, Alan, James9/29/19692/24/2023Cass County Hold for Cass CON/A...X
Madsen, Aaron, David10/12/19821/26/2023District Court DUI, Reckless EndangermentN/A...X
Magana, Francisco, De Jesus10/27/19929/16/2022U.S. Marshalls USM HoldN/A...X
Martinez, Gregorio, NMN11/6/19592/24/2023Cass County Hold for Cass CoN/A...X
Mayes, Andrew, Lamar7/30/19881/6/2023Stutsman County Failure To Register, False info to L/E$100.00...X
Moseley, Armani, Lawrence10/4/19888/16/2022U.S. Marshalls Hold for USMN/A...X
Nitschke, Joshua, Jacob12/2/19852/24/2023McIntosh County Violation of Bond Order- FTC Treatment$20,000.00...X
Perman, Christopher, Houston12/6/19903/8/2023Stutsman County Failure to Register (3 counts), Poss of Drug Para, Probation Violation$10,000.00...X
Poitra, Nicholas, Wayne12/22/19773/9/2023Eddy County Murder-Intentional or knowing- Adult victim, Robbery-With a Firearm, Terrorizing-With a dangerous weapon-Adult victim (7 counts), Unlawful possession of Firearm$1,500,000.00...X
Rangel, Zeferino, Carlos11/17/197011/16/2022Stutsman County Corruption or Socilitation of Minors, Felon in Possession of Firearm, Patronizing a Minor for Commercial Sexual Activity, Possession of Certain Materials Prohibited, Promoting Sexual Performance by Minor$100,000.00...X
Raski, Scott, Alexander5/26/197310/13/2022U.S. Marshalls USM HoldN/A...X
Rogers, Jermeka, Cassandra11/10/199212/9/2022U.S. Marshalls USM HoldN/A...X
Sharp, Jonathan, Lee10/5/19811/12/2023U.S. Marshalls Hold For USMN/A...X
Stevens, Andrew, Lateef4/17/19892/24/2023Cass County Hold for Cass CoN/A...X
Swan, John, Vincent1/22/19693/11/2023Stutsman County Simple Assault (Domestic), Terrorizing$10,000.00...X
Thompson, Nicole, Ann9/13/19943/24/2023Dickey County FTA-OTSC-NSF Check or Draft$1,671.80...X
Turner, Sean, Michael1/7/198812/31/2022Stutsman County Corruption or Solicitation of a Minor, Indecent Exposure, Luring Minor by Electronic Means, Poss Certain Materials Prohibited$50,000.00...X
Village Center, Candace, Marie8/3/19783/15/2023U.S. Marshalls USM HoldN/A...X
Walker, Sedrick, James7/16/19908/16/2022U.S. Marshalls Hold for USMN/A...X
Weber, Ashley, Alexandra Marie12/6/199210/17/2022District Court Accomplice to Burglary (Night), Accomplice to Theft (Firearm), Felon in Possession of Firearm, Poss Drug Para (Meth)- Subsequent Offense, Theft- Dealing in Stolen PropertyN/A...X
Wick, Patricia, Ann1/12/19751/30/2023Foster County Child Abuse, Murder, Operating Childcare w/o License$50,000.00...X
Wilson, Abraham, Clifford8/8/19663/15/2023U.S. Marshalls USM HoldN/A...X
Wolfe, Sloane, NMN6/26/19881/25/2023District Court Criminal Mischief, Fleeing or Attempting to Elude a P/O, Refusing to HaltN/A...X
Womack, Keyon, Jermel11/29/19921/31/2023U.S. Marshalls USM HOLDN/A...X
(Total Inmates: 69)